Experience of a Muslim Asst. Sub Inspector of Police

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Once a Muslim Assistant Sub Inspector of police told father an incident which had personally happened with him. He had gone to pay homage to his Pir Murshid at Hoshiarpur in late 1942. This Muslim Pir had come to Hoshiarpur from Mianwaly on his annual visit. He told his disciple ASI, “Our Sartaj (king of Faqirs and Sages), the Supreme Sun of divine light is likely to set from our physical eyes soon. You better go and be blessed with the holy vision of that Supreme Divinity in time.” Thus instructed, this Muslim ASI visited Baba Ji’s Thaath (now Nanaksar) and sat behind Sangat with great humility. Baba Ji sent a Sewadar (a devotee) to call him forward. He was wonderstruck when Baba Ji addressed him by his name and enquired about the welfare of his Pir Murshid (Guru). The ASI fell in prostration on the ground and started crying ya allah, ya allah, Such was the mystic grandeur of Baba Ji for followers of all faiths and religions.