Miracle of Holy Nam

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t was in Chhota Thaath after the ‘Samapti’ of evening programme that Mahan Babaji got up from His Asan and took leave of the sangat in His characteristic humility. As Babaji came out, Father after picking up the cloth chappals of Mahan Babaji placed those in front of His holy feet. Mahan Babaji while putting His holy feet in the chappals placed His hand on one of the shoulders of father for support. Babaji's bare wrist happened to touch father's ear. An indescribable melody of ‘Waheguru’ from each and every pore (rome) of Babaji's bare wrist struck father's ear and rushed deep into his soul giving him a sublime taste of Nam Ras.

Close physical proximity, Babaji's holy hand resting on father's shoulder, gentle bare forearm of Babaji touching father's left ear, melodious chanting of Waheguru issuing forth from every pore of Babaji's forearm sent father in maddening ecstasy. Embrosial Nam bursting forth from every pore of Babaji's Eternal Being got enshrined in father's heart and filled his whole being with spiritual joy. Father stumbled on his feet and was about to fall but Babaji kindly held him up. Thus blessed, with his heart completely illumined and intoxicated with Amrit Nam, father looked up in deep gratitude, and was further blessed with a most wonderful glowing spark of Grace in the elevating glance of Mahan Babaji.

This elixir of nam emanating from every pore of the embodied Lord seeped deeply into father's heart and soul and filled him with ever lasting Bliss.

About this unique experience, father once told me that in hearing the divine melody of Amrit Nam from the holy pores of Babaji's body, he had experienced a real taste of nam ras - atam ras - prem ras. He had felt as if he had touched the very source of Amrit Nam and he had been completely drenched in the Ocean of the Nectar of Nam. He further remarked that Amrit Nam itself had incarnated as Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj and His holy form was the Viswa Swaroop of Amrit Nam, and all the seven crore pores of His holy body were continuously chanting the Divine NAM every moment of His whole life.

As narrated earlier, each pore of the body of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj was vibrant with the immortal Nam; a strange and miraculous phenomenon. It was supreme expression of the Gupt and immortal Nam of God otherwise unheard of and unseen. The Supreme Divine Truth was in its most wonderful and perfect play in a human garb. His physical body was the very form of immortal Nam; it was an indivisible part of Truth and Eternal - Light. His divine body was the greatest source of blessedness for the whole creation. Such was the blazing and divine personality of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. Mighty rays of the immortal Nam radiated from every pore of His body and so grandly and overwhelmingly enveloped and overpowered father as to fill him with Bliss-Supreme. Father's heart and mind always remained tuned to this most enchanting and divine melody directly received from the holy pores of Baba Nand Singh Ji's arm.

The outcome of this grace was beatific. After his retirement, his face, mind, thought and soul were totally turned towards his beloved Master. His intense longing, yearning, craving for realising his Baba Ji face to face had assumed proportions of total madness in love. His only prayer to Mahan Baba Ji, in totality of his burning love, was Baba Ji himself. He begged Baba Nand Singh Ji only, from Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. He coveted his beloved Baba Nand Singh Ji alone to the exclusion of everything else. The whole world had paled into insignificance in comparison with his magnificent object of love. He wept bitterly after physical separation from the Master and was granted direct face to face vision when he had resolved to end his life unable to bear the pangs of separation any more.

Nanak Jachak Dar Terai
Prabh Tudh Nu Mangai Daan
Nanak, the Mendicant, is standing at Thy Altar, O Lord And Begs only Thyself O Lord as Charity.

Hunger for God and hunger for worldliness cannot co-exist. A lover of God does not crave for worldly things and pleasures of the senses. He wants the Lord and the Lord alone to the exclusion of everything else. He is totally immersed in all- absorbing love of the beloved Lord.

Such is the sublime power of the Immortal Nam that it illumines the craver's body and the soul with Eternal Light. It fills him to the brim with its elixir and nectar, the holy flavour and fragrance of which is the greatest blessing to the world. The Glory of Nam Swarup Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj Shines eternally.

When the body repeats the Holy Name, Soul benefits, when the Self (soul) repeats the Holy name, the world benefits.

He begged and prayed for Prema Bhagti from Mahan Babaji. He yearned and begged for His love only from his Lord of Love. He never craved for anything worldly or even for Mukti.

He was totally possessed by Divine Love. His life was a perpetual burning incense of love and no one who came in contact with him could remain unaffected and untouched by the fragrance of this strong incense of love, love of Mahan Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj.

This pure love of Mahan Babaji was the primary feature of his personality and, the real beauty and glow that radiated from his face.

Divine Love is an inexhaustible and indescribable Bliss experienced only by true Lovers. It is a wonderful mystic experience confirming the truth of the adage that God is Love and Love is God.