Dargahi Parshad

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In respected father’s own words, “It so chanced one day that after the evening Diwan, when I came out with family members I felt quite hungry. It so struck my mind if I could be fortunate enough to be blessed with parshad from that Thaali (Platter) in which Baba Ji serves the meals to Sri Guru Nanak Sahib face-to-face. No sooner I had thought of this, than All Merciful Antarjami Baba Ji, Knower of all Hearts, called Baba Isher Singh Ji and handed over the Thaali (platter) of meals served by Him to Sri Guru Nanak Sahib, and directed Baba Isher Singh Ji to take it to Dipty and tell him that it was only meant to be consumed by him and other members of his family.”

I was also the lucky one that day to have partaken of that parshad graciously tasted by Sri Guru Nanak Sahib first. It was just like relishing the Divine. This parshad removes the thick layers of darkness and ignorance covering the mind and lights it up. This parshad as Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj called it is truly ‘Vaveki Prasad’.