Kutta Marg

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He used to besmear his forehead with the dust of the feet of that dog Kalu and used to cry from the depths of his heart “Oh my beloved Satguru Lord, accept me as your humble dog”.

He used to besmear his whole body with the holy dust of Baba Ji’s sangat at the Thaath and would joyfully roll in that holy dust reciting hymns in honour and praises of his beloved Master.

s the news of Mahan Babaji’s physical departure spread, hundreds of thousands of devotees thronged to have a last holy glimpse.

Father had arranged a large fleet of vehicles - buses and trucks from Moga. All these vehicles were loaded far beyond their capacity to proceed to the river site where the holy body of Mahan Babaji was supposed to be consigned to water. One very old man was hanging on precariously to the tail board of a truck heavily overloaded with devotees. Father requested him to kindly alight as he could fall down from the moving truck.

Father could not bear the Physical separation from his beloved Master and on returning home, burst into tears like a child in the holy room of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. While thus suffering pangs of separation, he saw a strange vision. Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj transfigured Himself as the very same old person whom father had requested to get down from the heavily loaded truck. There-after Father could not rest at all. He left in the early hours of next morning and after fetching some responsible persons of the area was able to locate that old man after a search of many hours. In utmost humility, he kept his head at the feet of that old man in the presence of many others and prayed for his pardon and forgiveness.

Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj thus unfolded a vision of sublime Knowledge that only one Reality, one Divine Essence pervades all beings, the whole creation. This day He compassionately granted to His dear disciple equanimity of vision, a deep realisation of God’s presence in all at all times everywhere.

Sab Gobind Hai Sab Gobind Hai
Gobind Bin Nahin Koi

Sabhi Ghat Ram Bole Rama Bole
Ram Bina Ko Bole Re

Truth and unity are one. One supreme Reality pervades the whole universe. A true devotee of God has a universal vision, a perceeption of oneness. Bhagat Namdev perceives his Lord everywhere and sings the Glory of his all pervading Lord accordingly in the foregoing hymns.

Everyone may be theoretically aware of this fact but rare indeed is a blessed soul gifted with this Sam - drishti. Thus blessed, one does not hate or envy anyone. He injures no one and showers the Love of God on all alike. He belongs to the whole universe.

Father had envisioned Mahan Babaji as the indwelling soul of all and derived a spiritual pleasure in serving the Sangat, wiping their shoes with his white flowing beard, feeding, and serving the poor and afflicted. Because he envisioned and beheld his beloved Lord in everyone of them, he experienced unmatched spiritual joy and satisfaction in this humble service.

Lest Mahan Babaji be hurt, he was extremely cautious there- after not to hurt anyone, not to injure any heart or feelings. He was truly blessed with Sam-Drishti - even sightedness.

He saw everyone with equal eye and loved everyone with the same humility and devotion. With such an equanimity of vision, with such samdrishti, one loves the whole creation. He once even said.

“How can a true saint curse anyone because he envisions the Lord pervading everyone. He therefore blesses even those who curse and persecute him. This is the true grandeur of Divine Lovers.”

For Bhai Kanhaiya and Bhai Nand Lal, the whole universe was pervaded by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. Their vision had become Divine and what they beheld and perceived was all Divine. In this vision - Divine, all distinction based on religion, caste, colour, creed, race and nationality disappears, vanishes.

During the performance of first Chalisa, Mahan Babaji showed him a vision, a glimpse of his own ‘Self Aapa’. This glimpse of his ‘Self ’ totally dazzled him. It was a climax of ecstasy, spiritual joy and delight, simply inexpressible. It was a journey into the very source of Divinity and Bliss. After the Chalisa was over, he went out for a stroll. And now Mahan Babaji reveals to him an external vision of the ‘Self ’ accompanying every living being moving on earth. Everyone was invested with this Divine Self.

Sab Main Jot Jot Hai Soi
Tis Ke Chanan Sab Main Chanan Hoi
Gur Sakhi Jot Pargat Hoi

During this wonderful vision, Mahan Babaji revealed to him the all pervading Lord in all His glory and splendour and the lord started shining in his vision and he saw nothing else but God in everyone and everywhere.

This experience became perpetual thereafter.