Bibi Ajit Kaur

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O he second blessed soul who has greatly influenced me in writing these books is my eldest sister, Bibi Ajit Kaur. She is a Divine Mystic who is almost in perpetual communication with the Lord. Wonderful are her spiritual experiences with Mahan Baba Ji and I shall take up those in subsequent issues. I shall only narrate a small incident of the mid-fifties here.

Father received a telegram from her husband that she had been admitted to a hospital for a major operation. Father had gone to Ferozepur in connection with some work relating to his land. He rushed to Jammu from Ferozepur on hearing the news. She was already in the operation theatre. As soon as the major surgical operation was over, father saw a Doctor emerging out of the operation theatre. Father fell at His feet as this Doctor was none other than the Saviour Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. She had been operated upon and saved by Mahan Baba Ji. As soon as father lifted his head, Baba Ji was no more there. Father was moved to tears and profusely wept like a child. My sister had been saved and granted a long fresh lease of life. From that very day, she was blessed by Baba Ji with most wonderful and enlightening mystic visions and spiritual experiences.