Nam (Naam), Divine Name

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The Time, the KAAL devours everything but it cannot lay claim to the breaths dyed with the Divine Name. Kaal has no access, no approach to the breaths so offered as fragrant flowers at the Holy Feet of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib.

Nam is the support of all beings, Nam is the support of the whole universe. Nam is repeated to call upon the Nami, to realise the Nami. Nam unites the Nam-Lewa with the Nami. Nam unites the devotee with the Lord. Naam cements the bond, the true relationship of the worshipper with the Worshipped.

Divine Name of the Lord is "Gagan Mayee Sangeet", is the 'Celestial Song of the Universe'. It is the 'Cosmic Music'. It is the enrapturing 'Melody of the Soul'.

In this 'NAM KE JAHAJ' Sri Guru Granth Sahib, all the Ragas in wonderful unison sing the Glory of this Divine Name in soulful melodies. In cosmic harmony and universal love, this cosmic music envelops the whole creation in its holy rhythm.

There is nothing in this world which can measure equal to the value of the Divine Name.

The whole of movable and immovable creation have emerged from the power of Nam. The whole creation including the elements of Nature are held together by the Power of Naam. All the universes stand projected and are held together by the Power of Naam.

The Lord and His Name are identical. They are one. Divine Name is the most potent support in this Kalyug. Remembrance of the Divine Name delivered the greatest sinners in a moment.

Nam is the Wish Yielding Tree (Parjat) and Kaam Dhain (Cow).

Nam should be remembered, practiced and meditated upon, all the time, in any posture while standing, sitting or sleeping.

Haumain (I Ego) and the Divine Name
cannot co-exist because :

Haumain (I Ego) is Darkness
whereas Divine Name is Light Eternal.
Haumain (I ego) is Impure
whereas Divine Name is Purity Supreme.
Haumain (I ego) is Unreal
whereas Divine Name is the only Reality.
Haumain (I ego) is Falsehood
whereas divine Name is Truth Eternal.
Haumain (I ego) is Death
whereas Divine Name is Immortality.

Nam (Naam) is the Divine Prescription for this Dheerag Rog Haumain, for this worst disease of 'I ego'.

Nam is the Sure Cure of the Disease of Worldliness.

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