True Prayer (True Remembrance)

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In true prayer there is no worshipper and worship;
there is only the worshipped.

Baba Narinder Singh Ji

True prayer is a wonderful channel through which flows the powerful love current from the humble and yearning heart of a sikh to the Lotus feet of his beloved Satguru, from the Lover's heart to the beloved Lord.

A true prayer unites the Lover with the beloved Satguru in a true bond of love relationship. A sincere prayer from the heart cannot go unheard, unheeded and unresponded.

A true prayer is a total submission, total surrender at the lotus feet of the Lord. It rises from total humility of the heart; 'I'ego and 'Haumain' remains neutralised. There is no assertion of individuality. A true sense of meekness, nothingness, Garibi takes over. With total absence of ego (haumain) a direct divine channel is established and in this channel flows Divine Grace, Bliss, peace to the yearning and thirsting soul. The greater the sense of humility the higher the force of flow of Grace and Bliss. In the whole process of his prayer, a true sikh does not loosen the firm grasp and hold of the lotus feet of the beloved Satguru. He gets what he seeks. In true and sincere prayer the mind sets rolling at the lotus feet of the beloved Satguru; is actually free from all thoughts and desires and seeks from the Lord the Lord Himself; seeking worldly pleasures and material possessions is no prayer.

Vin Tudh Hore Je Mangana
Sir Dukhaan De Dukh
Deh Naam Santokhia
Utre Man Ki Bhukh

True Bliss is experienced when ego is non-existent. True Bliss fills the void created by the exit of ego, of total surrender of ego at the lotus feet of the Lord. With ego surrendered, there is no more seeking, all desires disappear, the Sweet Will and Bliss of the Lord takes over.

Prayer should not be contaminated with materialistic desires of greed and lust. Prayer should not be commercialized. No business and bargaining attitude in a prayer. Lord is certainly not in need of money and other offerings as He bestows these on all.

Real prayer needs no words, no gesture, no thoughts.
A real prayer only comes from the Lord
A true prayer needs no reward;
it is a reward in itself
In true prayer there is no worshipper and worship;
there is only the worshipped.