Always Remember Death (Stressed Babaji)

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The blessed ones who always remember death do not crave for worldly attachments and worldly pleasures. The more one remembers death, the more detached he feels from this temporary world and more attached to the permanent Glory of the Guru and God.

Only a person, who always remembers death, knows how valuable and precious is the wealth of counted breaths, granted during a lifetime. It was once in the darbar of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib that a Raja happened to visit and pay homage. The Raja, after some deep thoughts and musing put across a straight question to the extremely handsome warrior Guru regarding the presence of beautiful women in the congregation and their likely effect and impact on a man's lust. Guru Sahib patiently heard his query and then told the Raja that he had only seven days of life left and that he should better go and finish all his worldly tasks and enjoy whatever he wanted to, so that he could die peacefully. The Raja went away to his palace and it was on the seventh day that he started praying to the Great Guru for his darshans before his worldly departure. Guru Sahib appeared there and enquired whether the Raja had enjoyed to his heart's content all that he wished to. The Raja wept bitterly and replied that as fear of death was constantly hanging over his head, even an idea of Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar dare not come near him. It was at that time that Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib told him that a true sikh never forgets death and in the congregations of the Guru, no such ideas dare enter the arena. The thought of death is the key to life eternal. It awakens in us the taste of life eternal and the bliss arising therefrom.

This body is a mere reflection, a mere shadow of the Jot, the sustaining substance. A worldly person remains ignorant throughout and consequently ignores or neglects the sustaining power, and devotes all his energy and effort in satisfying the ego of this death-bound body, mind and name complex.

Life is a dream, a delusion, whereas death is the Truth and naked Reality.

Daat Piari Visriya Datara
Janai Nahi Maran Vichara
Man only loves charities and gifts and forgets the Divine Donor, the True Lord.

Because he has conveniently forgotten the Reality of Death.

Overtaken by spell of sensual attractions and pleasures, one seeks only material benefits and worldly luxuries. Thus, we remain deprived of the Bliss and Aura of the Divine. Remembrance of Death is the only safeguard.

Bol Na Janay Maya Mad Mata
Marna Cheet Na Aavay
Totally intoxicated with the wine of Maya, a mortal completely forgets Death and does not know what he talks about.

Kaal Na Awe Moodhey Cheet
Only a fool does not remember Death.

Breaths are counted and with every passing day, thousands of these valuable breaths are wasted in impermanent attachment to this body and life. Attachment to this perishable body composed of five elements is futile and in vain.

Paanch Tat Ko Tan Rachio
Jano Chatar Sujan
Jeh Te Upjio Nanaka
Leen Tahin Meh Maan
This perishable body is composed of five elements, ether, air, fire, water and earth. These five elements disintegrate and dissolve after death. Then why not remain anchored in the Immortal Jot, Atam, tuned with the Lord? A wise differentiation between matter and spirit is a must. Only then the link of the spirit/jot with the Param Jot is established and Bliss experienced.

The blessed ones who always remember death do not crave for worldly attachments and worldly pleasures. The more one remembers death, the more detached he feels from this temporary world and more attached to the permanent Glory of the Guru and God. As the attachment and love of this death bound body, its relations and possessions decreases, attachment and love of God correspondingly increases.

Jo Upjio So Bins Hai
Paro Aaj Ke Kal
Nanak Har Gun Gaaye Lai
Chhaad Sagal Janjaal

Ram Nam Ur Mehn Gayio
Jaan Ke Sam Nahi Koi
Every time we breathe, we should breathe Nam, which is our very support, our very goal and our real life. As we cannot live without Pranas, so we cannot also live without Nam.

Ikas Har Ke Nam Bin Age Laiye Kho

Nam is the 'Breath of Eternal Life'. Let the Immortal Nam of the Lord become an inseparable part of every breath of ours and let this most precious commodity of counted breaths be utilised in the most valuable and rewarding Remembrance of the Lord of Love.

Every one who is born is destined to die. The only eternal companion here and hereafter is the Lord's Name. It is only through Nam that one can cross this terrible Ocean of Mortality and attain unity with the Lord.

One comes alone in his world and departs single-handed without any company whatsoever. It is only the Immortal Name of the Lord, which comes to one's rescue and help.

As a letter correctly addressed reaches its destination and a blank letter or an incorrectly addressed one gets lost, similarly breaths addressed and spent in the loving devotion, memory, love, worship of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib land at His Lotus Feet and those spent in the pursuit of perishable objects get perished.
Eh Anmol Swaas Lakhan Naal Vi Nahin Khareedey Ja Sakdey
Eh Swaas Mul Nahin Bikdey
Only a person who always remembers death knows how valuable and precious is the wealth of these counted breaths granted during a lifetime. This is not a commodity which is on sale and which can be purchased with any amount of wealth.