Khudai Te Safai Da Mel Hai (-Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj)

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Therefore necessity arises to maintain cleanliness and purity of everything required in Sacred Service, Worship and Adoration of the Lord.

Cleanliness and purity of the body and personal clothing, cleanliness and purity of the place, cleanliness and purity of all the offerings and the articles of worship and that of the place of worship. That is how every thing can be sanctified.

How miserable we feel with unclean body and mind. How much more miserable one would feel in unclean service, unclean offerings and unclean worship of the Purest of the Pure Lord.

All the Padaraths have been given to us by the Lord. Every thing offered to the Lord is actually His and not, ours. Therefore, there is nothing which we can call ours and really offer Him. He does not feel hunger and thirst for things which He gives to us in plenty.

He does thirst for one thing. He is very greedy also for that rare commodity and that is Divine Love. So we have to lovingly serve Him, lovingly offer Him, lovingly adore and worship Him without any selfish desire and motive. He seeks our undiluted, unselfish, pure love much more than we seek Him.

Therefore, we should offer the best possible service and worship to our Beloved Satguru, our Loving Lord and try to get rid of the sense of ‘My and Mine’ in relation to all our worldly possessions. With such surrender we are Guru’s and Guru is ours.

Moreover, the Lord is the Sole Donor. He gives the food to all His Creatures. But His own food is Love. Lord Rama relishes the already tasted dry fruit from devoted Bheelani, Lord Krishna relishes the vegetable leaves in the cottage of poor Bidur ignoring the delicacies awaiting Him in the Palace of Duryodhana. Sri Guru Nanak Sahib relishes the simple food offered by Bhai Lalo rejecting the royal feast of Malik Bhago.

An impure mind, a mind stained with impurities can not prepare and offer Parshad to the Lord Satguru who is an Ocean of Purity, who is Purer than Purity itself.

With regard to the Bhog Philosophy it is metaphysical truth established and based upon direct experiences of great sages, bhaktas whose bani has been enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. It has been validated by scriptural evidence in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and in the Vars of Bhai Gurdas Ji. It is also based on direct experiences of other enlightened souls.

As already stated whatever we offer to the Lord, we cannot call it ours. Everything has been given and bestowed to us by the Lord Satguru only.

Satguru Padarath Nahin Mangde
Bhavna De Bhukhe Han
Bhog Bhavna Nu Hi Lagda Hai
Asin Sarey Us Da Dita Hi Khandey Haan