Gur Kee Murat Man Mein Dhian - II

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... I pray grant blindness again to this humble devotee of yours. As these blessed eyes, out of your compassion, have been opened to Vision Eternal, let these be blinded to this world for ever.”

Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj once narrated the following Holy incident:

Bhai Goinda (Kotha Ji), a devoted sikh is sitting in a jungle under a tree in deep meditation. In a state of true devotion he has altogether forgotten count of days, months and years. He has forgotten himself. Love-smitten, he meditates only on his beloved Satguru and nothing else. He is totally lost in Guru consciousness. His Yearning and Vyakulta has reached a point that the All-Loving, All-Merciful, All-Knowing Satguru can hold Himself no longer. He commands His horse to be brought forthwith. Riding the horse accompanied by many sikhs, Guru Hargobind Sahib rushes to the holy spot where His beloved sikh is keenly awaiting just a glimpse of the Divine Nanak since last many years. Guru Hargobind Sahib commands the loving devotee to satisfy his burning aspiration for which he had spent years after years in earnest waiting and meditation. With the command of the Holy Satguru, the blind Goinda was granted eyesight and having got up from his long spell of meditation, he rushed and clasped the Holy Feet of the Satguru. In maddening ecstasy he beheld and beheld the Luminous Form of his only object of Meditation and Love.

All compassionate Guru then asks His true devotee to seek any boon, he desires. Bhai Goinda keeps mum. The All-Graceful Guru again repeats the holy words of any boon, he desired.

Bhai Goinda in utter humility replies,

“O Lord of Mercy, Since You have, in Thy Grace granted a blessed glimpse of Thee, Let this Divine Vision remain perpetual. Let this Divine Vision be not diluted with any other vision. I have deeply enshrined your Vision Eternal in my heart and have housed your Lotus Feet in my eyes, I pray grant blindness again to this humble devotee of yours. As these blessed eyes, out of your compassion, have been opened to Vision Eternal, let these be blinded to this world for ever.”

These blessed eyes and my heart having been struck with the charm of your Lustrous and Divine Beauty can not now be focussed on anything called worldly, My Lord, I Pray, Grant me total blindness again.

Bhai Goinda who was earlier yearning for a blessed glimpse of the Divine Beauty of the Lord, having now feasted his blessed eyes with the blessed vision of the Lord seeks only the boon of total blindness. Having enshrined his Beloved Lord in the sanctuary of his heart, he does not want to see anyone else.

Blindness restored, grateful Bhai Goinda was perpetually lost in Vision-Perpetual

This is what a mere glimpse, darshan, vision of the Luminous Form of Lord Guru Nanak Sahib means for His True Lovers.

With eyesight granted, Bhai Goinda fell flat at the Holy feet and then raising his head, he started drinking the rarest of the rare Nectar of the Holy Glimpse of the Satguru.

The Divine Guru had entered into his whole being. Guru’s vision and grace filled him to the brim and with merciful and gracious look, the Lord asks Bhai Goinda for any boon he desired.

Steeped in the ecstasy of the Supreme vision, to look at any one else meant dilution In the purity of the holy vision. All his love was exclusively meant for the Lord alone. And he begged the boon of total blindness again and again till it was reluctantly granted.

Such Lovers possess eyes for the Divine Vision alone. A Holy Glimpse of the Beloved Satguru was the true fulfilment of his life’s mission.

Sabh Dinas Rein Dekho Gur Apna
Vich Akhi Gur Pair Dharai
Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Page 758
The whole day and night, may I behold my Beloved Guru
and enshrine Guru’s Lotus Feet in my eyes.
Rein Dinas Gur Charan Aradhi
Daya Karhu Meray Sai
Nanak Ka Jio Pind Guru Hai
Gur Mil Tript Aghai
Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Page 758
May the whole night and day, I meditate on Guru’s Holy Feet.
Grant me such a boon, my Lord.
The Guru is Nanak’s Soul and Body
and meeting the Guru is his Bliss-Fulfillment in toto.
Remember when you gaze on Sri Guru Nanak Sahib, He gazes on you. When you behold Him, He the All-Merciful Lord, Casts His Glance of Mercy on you and when you contemplate and meditate on Him, the All-Loving Guru, out of compassion accepts you in His Holy folds. In this holy process, the Great Jagat Guru (The Enlightener of the world) leads you from Darkness to Light, from Death to Life Eternal.
Guru Nanak is the Delighter of the Eyes and the Mind. His Luminous Form is the Dispenser of All-Bliss.