Janam Maran Dohu Meh Nahi Jan Paropkari Aaey

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fter Babaji's holy body was consigned to waters, in a most decorated boat, in the river Satluj in August 1943, Muslim divers of that place tried their best to salvage the precious articles from the boat after darkness, but to their utter astonishment and surprise the boat had disappeared. Fully fatigued, tired and disappointed, they lied down on the bank. They were wonderstruck with awe and reverence when they noticed Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj having a stroll on the bank of the river. In utter repentance of their miscalculation and misconception, they all fell in Sajda and cried out in unison-Ya Allah! Ya Allah!

Janam Maran Dohu Meh Nahi
Jan Paropkari Aaey

Sri Guru Granth Sahib (749)

Divinities live Life Divine on earth. They are living temples, sacred in their entirety. They purify everything even the earth they tread. They come to redeem. They come blessed with the treasures of the Divine and they shower these treasures on the creation.

They remain in complete detachment even in the embodied state. They are not subject to Karma. They are unbound and continue to remain unbound. Not subject to birth and death, they are the blessed and chosen few of the Divine who descend to earth to redeem.

Always established in the Divine they actually live far beyond the world of dualities, the world of sensual pleasures and the world of mere mundane existence. They work out the Divine Will and guide the destinies of millions.

As a bucket lies submerged in deep well full of water within and without. There is nothing but water inside and outside. Water represents Nirankar. The string that pulls this bucket out Is nothing else but the yearning prayer of bound souls thirsting for their own guidance and redemption. It is this yearning pull of aspirants and devotees which makes the Divine leave His Celestial Abode and come down to Human Plane.
Sant is the one to whom Time-Kaal (Saman) bows in homage. Because that Sant has conquered Time, has become Eternal.