Meharvan Sahib Meharvan, Sahib mera Meharvan

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Kaal could not force its way into the Holy Domain of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj as Kaal was, is and will remain subservient to Mahan Baba Ji's Will and Order.

t was in early fifties that my mother became seriously ill and her condition deteriorated. She was admitted to Victoria Jublee Hospital Amritsar, at that time the most prestigious hospital in undivided Punjab. She was under the treatment of two most competent doctors of national fame, Dr. K. L. Vig and Colonel Gurbaksh Singh. We were in attendance, in a special room allotted to her. Despite the best possible treatment, her condition went on deteriorating further and further. She went into a coma and it was after the second day of coma, that the doctors gave up hope. My father was even advised that if he preferred death of our mother at home, she could be discharged from the hospital and taken home.

We were all waiting for her death at any moment. It was on the third day in coma, that she suddenly opened her eyes and addressed our respected father as follows:

Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj has graciously come, and saying so, she indicated towards her right side. She further said that Baba Ji wished her to take leave of everyone, in order to accompany Him.

My younger sister Bibi Bholan Rani, immediately spread a washed white bed sheet on the sofa lying on the right side of the bed for the Holy BabaJi and asked mother 'Why don't you request for more life?'

Mother thereupon looked towards Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj and then said, Babaji says, ‘How much.’ Bibi Bholan Rani, immediately replied ‘Biji six months more’. And mother again looked towards Babaji and said that Babaji had granted six months more and that He will come again after six months. Thereafter mother got up and sat on the bed. We were all wonderstruck with awe and reverence. All of us had experienced the whole atmosphere surcharged with divinity during Babaji's holy visit and presence.

Father asked for the car to be brought and after instructing Sardar Mehar Singh, an Inspector Police to clear the bills etc, we left along with mother for Ludhiana.

Mother started normal work thereafter and every body was naturally very happy. Bibi Bholan Rani suggested to mother that we will again ask for longer life from Babaji. Babaji gave a wonderful vision to mother thereafter. He told her that He will grant her as much life as she wanted, but she should first see the place where Babaji wants to take her. On the visit to that Holiest of The Holy Place of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj, mother's outlook underwent a diametrically opposite change. She started breathing into a different world of total bliss, contentment and divine love.

She narrated the whole vision to father and expressed heir deep desire to leave this mundane world for the Holy Abode.

On the completion of six months, father organised a long session of kirtan and the appointed time arrived. Lord Guru Nanak and Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj graciously arrived at that time. Father asked mother if there was any last wish of her. She desired that all her jewellery and Rupees five thousand which had been saved by her, be offered and spent in the service of Mahan Babaji.

Except Bibi Ajit Kaur, my elder sister all other children including two daughters were to be married and settled. There was not a trace of 'Moh' left in her mind for any worldly relation. Mahan Babaji had raised her to the summit of non-attachment with anything worldly. She was in total and exclusive state of devotion to our Lord.

In a wonderful procession, she was led to the Holy Abode seated at the Holy Feet of Lord Sri Guru Nanak and Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. It was a most wonderful experience for all of us, and also for a newcomer, father of a friend of mine named S. Rajinder Singh. He happened to come there first time and sat in the congregation. He also envisioned the whole incident while sitting and listening to the Holy Kirtan.

He narrated exactly the same sequence that we had seen.

Kabir Jis Marney Te Jag Darai
Meray Man Anand
Marney Hi Te Payiai
Puran Parmanand

Kaal could not force its way into the Holy Domain of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj as Kaal was, is and will remain subservient to Mahan Baba Ji's Will and Order.

Even in the process of death experience, true lovers of the Guru enjoy the ecstasy of the highest Divine Bliss.

Baba Nand Singh ji Maharaj has never failed anyone whosoever has sought Him.


Remember the whole world can betray but Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj never betrays a Devotee


I-ego fears death.

A spiritual aspirant, a seeker after Truth is hopeful of conquering death.

A lover-divine loves death Death means life for a true saint because for a true saint, real life begins after death.

For a True Lover death of the body means the death-less Param Anand. True Lovers love death because this death leads to Blissful Eternal Life.

Body (sarir) is the source of all Karmas; it Is the source of Dukh.


With body, one cannot enter the Abode of the Lord.


Real Bliss is experienced only when released from the imprisonment of this body.