Tyag Personified

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Once a Mahatma (a Rishi) happened to visit Baba Ji. It was on the day of full moon (pooranmashi).

He was seemingly dazzled to witness a splendid Darbar of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib in an out of the way jungle. A huge congregation of many thousand devotees was rapturously bathing in the overflowing Grace of Baba Ji’s physical presence. Mahatmaji had heard about Baba Ji earlier. Wonderstruck by the dignity, majesty and grandeur of the great Darbar of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib there, he could not help asking Baba Ji what true Tyag or renunciation was? Baba Ji heard this question but maintained a discreet silence. The whole atmosphere was surcharged with a peculiar divinity. Holy Shabad Kirtan was in progress. After the Darbar was over and it was time for Baba Ji to get up and leave, Baba Ji took leave of the Sangat (congregation) in His simple and characteristic humility with folded hands. He walked away never to come back again. It was a few hours after Baba Ji had left that it was discovered that He had gone. He had left everything as it was and as He had got up. In the morning, as per standing instructions of Baba Ji, Katcha (temporary structure) was pulled down and everything was consigned to flames. There was nothing left of the pomp and show of the previous night. Mahatma Ji had well grasped the meaning of Tyag and profusely wept. He apologised from the devotees around for the question he had asked and the unique silent answer he had received. It was after many months that Baba Ji was found doing tapasya deep into the jungles of Harappa.

Baba Ji had renunciated everything so much so that He also renounced renunciation itself. He owned nothing in the world and He also depended on nothing in the world. Renunciation was unique. He did not own anything. And yet in Sri Guru Nanak Sahib He owned all. And He literally and most compassionately distributed the life-giving Nectar of Immortal Nam, Immortal Love and devotion of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib to millions all over.

He had totally renounced Maya in any form, kamini and kanchan, lust and lucre, pleasures and comforts of life, wealth and possessions, fame, name, and ego, with a view to enshrine, and enthrone only Sri Guru Nanak Sahib in the temple of His pure heart.

He never even touched a coin, a currency note or gold, what to say of keeping, nor did he permit any of such things to be kept by Behungams (disciples) who used to stay at the Thaath.

A true and perfect saint has two Atmik eyes; One of total renunciation, tyag, and the other of a yearning cry of the soul for the beloved Lord.