Did not claim any Spiritual Status

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His beloved Lord Sri Guru Nanak Sahib had blessed Babaji with both the rare ornaments of Sach Khand that is Nau Nidh Nam and Garibi in their all powerful lustre and glory from His very birth.

Baba Ji did not claim to be a Guru or a Saint. No one dared address Him as such. He never permitted any shabad in praise of a saint to be sung in His presence. He did not permit any one to pay homage or prostrate himself at His feet. He never permitted His feet to be even touched. He once said that He is endeavouring to become a true Sikh, a state which is very difficult to attain.

A sikh may become spiritually most powerful, powerful enough even to pluck the stars from the skies, but he remains a sikh only.

With a view to reveal all pervading glory of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib and Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Baba Ji always tried to conceal and hide His own divinity and glory. But so mighty and powerful was His own divine splendour that it burst forth on its own and left viewers wonderstruck because Baba Ji was nothing else but a mass of divine splendour.

Mahan Baba Ji, Lord of all, possessing nothing Himself, having renounced everything, enriches and floods the mankind, the earth, the whole creation with the wealth of the Nectar of Lord’s Name. He showered unlimited Grace and unlimited wealth of the Immortal Nam on the whole creation, all in the name of his most beloved Lord Guru Nanak keeping Himself totally aloof and without taking least credit for Himself. He was a mass of blessedness and blessed the masses en-masse all in the name of His most beloved Lord Guru Nanak.