Never Begged

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Baba Ji never begged for alms or bhiksha. He never spread His hand before anyone. He even once remarked that a Faqir is a Daata, a bestower and not a beggar and so is a true sikh of the Great Guru. A true saint only gives and never takes. The palm of His hand always faces downward to give, and if it ever turns upwards to beg or take something, he is only a beggar. Illuminating this point He once explained that if a sewak, visitor, or disciple offers Rs. 500/- to a saint and the saint pockets that money, then who is Brakat, the renunciator of the two. Obviously the Grahsti, the sewak who has offered the money. The saint who has pocketed the money has appropriated one form of Maya. Maya has mainly two physical forms—Kamini and Kanchan. They are like the two sides of the same coin. Having accepted, owned and appropriated one form of Maya that is Kanchan, the other inseparable aspect and form is Kamini. And Kamini is also sitting in front of that sage in the form of that disciple’s wife, sister or daughter. How can that sage who is greedy escape from the feelings of lust on women?

A saint, a true sikh is full of divine grace. A holy person blessed with the wealth and the nectar of Grace is a Daata, a bestower, a giver and not a beggar. Just as God gives out of His unlimited treasures unto all, so do His beloved saints and sikhs bestow and shower this valuable nectar of Grace to all alike without seeking any return, not even a word of gratitude. God never gets tired of giving and so also His true saint is a perpetual Daata, a giver, bestower of God’s Grace:

Divine postures of a true saint physically, mentally and spiritually are the same. He only gives, blesses and elevates. He is a Daata (Giver), bestows physically, mentally and spiritually. He only gives and never takes. He never spreads his hand before a mortal being. He truly gives because He gives himself away. He truly gives because He is the only one who does not seek any return thereof. He truly gives because He is to the purpose born. He truly gives because He gives life eternal to dead souls. He does not withhold His grace from even the non-deserving. He gives to all alike. He is the True Divine Donor.